Thursday, May 7, 2009

Deprivation and Statistics for North Belfast

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Northern Ireland is lucky that its government collects (and publishes online) a robust set of statistics on social and economic deprivation. This information can be divided up by neighbourhood, by gender, by religious/political affiliation, by disability, by race/ethnicity and more. They have been expanding the service in recent months and it's worth having a look around. Type your street address in and see more information about your area.

The above graph is an example of a small bit of the information available. The larger the word, the higher the "multiple deprivation" rating of the different electoral wards in Belfast. Look at the size of some of the wards from North Belfast (Shankill, Ardoyne, Crumlin, New Lodge, Water Works, Duncairn), but also at some of the wards in West and East Belfast (Falls, Whiterock, Upper Springfield, Ballymacarrett, The Mount). The areas of the highest deprivation have remained largely the same over the last few decades.

You can use some of the data to create your own visualisations by going to We'd love to see anything you create using the data on the site. Email us at

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