Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Bloggers: Angie McManus

My name is Angie McManus, and I'm an experienced actress and storyteller.

I have been working with PPR for a year now in the Seven Towers Rights Group, and am the chairperson of the Seven Towers Residents' Group.

I live with my beautiful dog Rosie, who you can see here. I love reading, music and taking Rosie for walks. I look forward to going to the UN and helping make this blog interesting for you!


  1. hello angela,this is your younger brother mark,writing on behalf of your brother stephen in usa and myself we were both hoping we can at least get back in contact with one another .awaiting your reply .
    love mark x
    ps sorry to contact you via this sight but hand on heart we have both been looking for you for a few years now and at long last we have

  2. hello angela,mark here again sorry left no contact adress either or 64 dugdale road,burnley lancs